How to be Happy and Carefree with a T-shirt

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Don’t mess around with John! 🙂

This blackberry Waltbay t-Shirt isn’t just a t-shirt. You see? It really makes me proud because I’m dealing with a new brand! You wanna know the best part? The young entrepreneurs behind the Waltbay brand are actually Italians! Their t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, they are extremely soft and comfortable. It is a pleasure the wear them on the skin.  You can tell they are really well made and the price tag is reasonable. The one I’m wearing here is in Blackberry Red (they call it “melange red”). For 39 euros is a great bargain! I bought mine from Mosca’54.


The tactical trousers are by Blend Clothing Company. They are also made of 100% cotton, although not 100% organic. The cut is modern but not too modern, the slim fit is up to date. They are surprisingly flexible, to the point that I’m thinking about wearing them to my next hike… we’ll see. The color is military green, just perfect for this sorts of trousers. As you probably know already, I’m not a huge fan of tactical pants because they usually have these gigantic pockets on both sides that make them look a bit demodè. These don’t: as you can see the pockets are inside the pants. So, problem solved!

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The chain is an element of style… a token from my Berlin years…

Let’s take a closer look at this cap, instead. That’s a newsboy cap, in case you’re trying to figure it out. I like to call it paperboy hat, actually, it’s more to the point. As you can see, the color matches almost exactly the trousers. That’s not coincidental. I don’t like matching colors exactly in a casual outfit: it’s way too studied. By the way, I acquired this cap in Zurich, from Mayser Hut. Love that brand. This cap reminds me of one of my favorite anime (as well as manga) of all times: Ashita No Joe (Rocky Joe).  

paperboy, newsboy, hat, cap, ashita no joe, rocky joe, styleblogger, fashionblogger,
The “Paperboy cap” reminds me of one of my favorite anime (as well as manga) of all times: Ashita No Joe (Rocky Joe)

Now, for the MCS Harrington jacket. Don’t you love it? I do? The color of sand, this will serve you well during the breezy springtime nights. Such a beautiful piece of clothing! I mean, look at it! MCS is definitively one of my favorite casual brands of all time! It doesn’t pretend to be anything more than what it is: rugged and refined.

mcs, clothing, jacket, gentleman, mongoose, harrington
To be totally honest with you, the exact color for this jacket is actually “mongoose”… do you even care?

What else, oh: we have a pair of red Everlast sneakers. They look like All Stars and I like that. They are inexpensive and comfortable enough for a short stroll in the neighborhood.


shoes, sneakers, everlast, sneakerhead
Don’t forget to lace your shoes!

The Miltzen sunglasses are from Maui&Sons. I’m starting to like this brand. They make relatively inexpensive sunglasses in all sorts of shapes. The quality of the lenses is good enough.

sunglasses, fashionblogger, cap, maui&sons
Miltzen tortoise sunglasses, who doesn’t love them?

The wristwatch is actually the one and only expensive piece of this outfit. We are dealing with an Eberhard Chrono 4, white dial, light brown leather strap.

wristwatch, fashionblogger,
One expensive piece makes the whole outfit… but don’t tell anybody!

So, you might be thinking, “it’s all great, but how can I be happy and carefree with a t-shirt, John?” Well, listen: why wouldn’t you be happy and carefree? I mean, at the end of day, it could be a lot worse, right? You might be dead by now. But you aren’t. So be happy and carefree! At least for a few moments! And get yourself a Waltbay!

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Yeah, and? Just because I’m cool I can’t take a leak every once in a while? Get lost!

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