How to Dress Like Fonzie and Live Happily Ever After (Sort of…)

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Are you ready to learn how to dress like The Fonz and live happily ever after? So, go ahead, you’re going to love this week’s outfit!

You know I have a fascination with everything American. Also, I strongly believe that the Fabulous 1950s were THE BEST decade ever. Can you imagine driving around in your Corvette dressed like the Fonz? Your girlfriend would have been the cutest thing, with her poodle skirt and her ponytail! By the way, who doesn’t love Drive-Ins? You could have watched “On the Waterfront” while munching on some well salted/well-buttered pop corn and kissing the Coca-Cola lips of your bae. Needless is to say: driving back in your convertible would have been the best part, fresh air on your face and Paul Anka singing “And they call it Puppy Loooooveee!” from croaking loudspeakers.

I find it ironic that God, chose, instead, another decade and another country for me to live in. We all have our crosses to carry, don’t we? At least, in His infinite grace, He has  provided me with “Happy Days“.

Happy Days is one of the best TV series of all times. Who doesn’t love Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham? Howard is one of my favorite directors. Yet, this week outfit is dedicated to Henry Wrinkler -aka Arthur Fonzarelli- “The Fonz” or “Fonzie”.

Hey! It’s also another casual outfit, not to mention the fact that is cheap. I know, I know, in another blog post I’ve said that it’s better to quit wearing Jeans once you turn forty… but I’m the one who makes the rules and I can break them from time to time.

I also want to talk to you about the absolutely underrated crew neck cotton T-Shirt.

Finally, I will reveal to you the secret to living happily ever after. No bullsh*t.

Let’s start with the black leather jacket. This is a Blend leatherette jacket (thanks to Mosca 54). I have previously described the qualities of a similar jacket in this post. This is not the same model, though, it looks more like the typical motorcycle jacket from the 1950s. I love its cut! Not only does this jacket look like the real thing from up-close, but it’s also considerably less expensive than the real thing.

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The skinny Jeans are a pair of Cheap Mondays, the color of Kokoda Grey. Notice the cuffs. No, they didn’t really wear Jeans this tight back in the 1950s, nor they had discovered how to mix cotton and elastane to make them so flexible. Yet, as you know, I always advice to revive a vintage look with some modern elements, so that it doesn’t look geriatric.
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This is the reason why I went for a pair of runners/sneakers such as this. Everlast is trying to enter into nowadays extremely competitive sneaker market. It’s either they are out of their minds, or they are nuts. Either way, I like crazy so I’ve decided to support them. As we know, young people go by brands. They would never consider buying a pair of sneakers unless they are the same kind of sneakers everyone else is already wearing. In the same color. I find that approach to be lazy and lame at the very best. I like this pair of sneakers, I love the color and they come with two different types of shoelaces as well. Nice. You can pick between orange and yellow. They are comfortable, too and you can have them for a fraction of the price of sneakers that are in no way better than these, although they sport a more popular logo, like a swoosh, perhaps…

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Anyways, counterintuitive as you might think this is: I think the main element of this outfit is not the jacket, but the crew neck, white, Levi’s T-shirt made of cotton. I literally love it. There’s only once catch, if you want it to look good on you, you must work out a lot. A shirt like this only looks good on someone with muscles. So, get down on that bench press and sweat! Ask my friend Nick, if you need a personal trainer. He is THE BEST. You can actually wear this T-shirt at the gym. It’ll make you look much more mature and cool than all these fifty-year-old men that are still wearing T-shirts with writings on them. Or, even worse, with some sort of cute little logos.

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Anyways, now for the details: I’m wearing a rare Lorenz-Aquastar Submariner from the 1970s on my wrist. Black dial, black leather bracelet.  The sunglasses? Rayban Aviators, bottle-green lenses, golden frame. I bought that baseball cap in Brooklyn, a couple of years ago.

Ah, I almost forgot: I’m guessing you’d like to know what’s the secret to living happily ever after, no bullsh*t, right? Well, that’s probably because -first all of all- you must understand that the concept of “living happily ever after” is overrated. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote that you should, instead, “be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.” (James 4:9, KJV).

I know you probably disagree with that, and -forgive for being blunt- but I do tend to think that the brother of Jesus could have been a just tad wiser than you, guys.

What I’m trying to say is that the reason why you’re sad is probably because you still expect to be happy. In other words, you’re sad that you’re sad. Also, let me tell you another thing: nothing in this world will make you happy. Granted, if you try to satisfy your desires, you might -at some point- experience some sort of temporary jolt of happiness running down your spine. Yet, I want you to understand that, when you’ll wake up the very next day, even that transitory feeling will be gone. Everything is constantly ephemeral in the realm of the flesh.

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The greatest masterpiece of the devil, they say, is to convince us all that he doesn’t really exist. The truth is, we all worship something, but if you don’t worship the one, true God, you’ll end up being annihilated by the very object of your worship. You might choose money, friendship, sports, sex, luxury, anything. All these things will destroy you. The only object of worship that won’t destroy you, but -to the contrary- it’ll build you up is Jesus, our Lord, and Savior.

You don’t believe in Jesus? Look, you have no rational/scientific argument for not believing in Him. The fact is, you’re a stiff-necked fool and you are rebellious, fiercely independent, and full of pride. You want to live your life they way you feel like and you are the captain of your soul.

How do I know that? Well, if that wasn’t the case, you would at least attempt to receive Jesus by asking Him for forgiveness and inviting Him into your life. What do you have to lose? He doesn’t exist, anyways, right?

We must all carry our crosses. I wanted to live my life in the 1950s, in America, but God had other plans for me… at least I can still dress like The Fonz and watch Happy Days!

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