7 Good Reasons to Shun Fashion and Stand out From the Crowd



Do you want to learn HOW TO DRESS UNCOMMONLY and stand out from the crowd? Then keep on  reading, this is going to be great! I’ll give you 7 great reasons why you should shun fashion and then I’ll explain to you how you can actually dress uncommonly. Also, I’ll give you a practical example, as usual.

This week’s outfit is, in fact, special. It represents an encounter between the North and the South of Italy (Webb&Scott+Four.Ten); with a pinch of France (Le Coq Sportif), some America (Wrangler 1947) and a sprinkle of Japan (Seiko Watches), this outfit is also cosmopolitan. It couldn’t be any different than this: this week’s outfit waves “goodbye” to General Winter. Miss Springtime is around the corner…

There’s something magical about shading off heavy jackets, boots, and wool sweaters and putting on lighter clothes such as linen jackets, cotton shirts or canvas sneakers, right? But now for the seven reasons why you should shun fashion:

1-The fashion industry is dishonest. Designers are tricking you into buying clothes that aren’t functional, that you don’t really need, and that will soon go out of fashion. By doing so, fashion creates a world in which people can actually cut off others just because they don’t dress like “they should”, according to the industry leaders. Get into style, instead, it’ll save you a lot of money. Give the rest to the poor people that fashion is trying to ostracize from society. Jesus said: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6:19-21, KJV)

2-Fashion is chaotic. Since the fashion industry needs to come out with something different every single year, it really doesn’t care about the quality of its creations, it can just go by numbers. Do you actually believe that in the back-offices of major fashion labels someone is thinking about why next year leather sandals will get back in fashion and black T-shirts won’t? If you do think so, you’re deluded. There isn’t any thought process going on behind those curtains, they go by chance. Mind you, I’m not denying that fashion designers are creative and talented, but the problem being: they are operating without a cause, other than expressing their talents, they are superficiel. Remember, the only thing that matters to the fashion industry is your money.

3-Fashion is in bad taste. Forget about the cuts on the knees of your jeans… According to GQ, next summer men should be wearing Hawaiian shirts, shorts and leather sandals with socks on, like the Germans do. Can you imagine something worst? I mean, the world is bad enough the way it is, do we really need a bunch of German kids strolling back and forth this valley of tears? NO THANKS, GQ insiders! There’s still some dignity left in us. Ha, for the record: AVOID GQ AT ALL COSTS, it’s the worst magazine ever published since Johannes Guttenberg invented his press machine.

4-Fashion is elitist and out of touch with reality. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you saw somebody dressed like one of the pathetic, androgynous models you see at the Milan Fashion Week? Come on, you won’t even be invited to Di Caprio’s yacht this summer, to get along with Brad Pitt and George Clooney. And that’s actually great news! Could you even fathom discussing how feminism and socialism are just great and global warming will kill your dogs and that Trump is a Nazi and gay people are the best thing since sliced bread? I’d rather eat the freakin’ yacht. But you might be thinking, how about all the beautiful girls? I’ll tell you what, if you had that in mind, you need a lobotomy. No seriously. First of all, they are obviously just a bunch of self-entitled, superficial sl*ts with a princess’ syndrome and a couple of STDs. Second, they are Leftists. And if that wasn’t enough, they are into Yoga. They might be beautiful on the outside, but they are ugly on the inside.

5-Fashion will make you look ridiculous and people will hate you if you dare to dress like one of the models you see on the passerelle. It’s worse than driving around in a Prius. Let’s be honest, you’ll lose all your friends and your mother will refuse to talk to you and the only person you’ll be able to hang out with is Lapo Elkan. That makes the prospect of spending a week on Di Caprio’s yacht sound like heaven…

6-Fashion is worldly, mundane, which means it is materialistic, soulless, concerned solely with what is here and now. It’s diabolical, get into fashion and you’ll start judging people by their clothes.

7-Fashion is totalitarian: by following fashion you’ll end up dressed like any other genius who had the same brilliant idea. You’ll look just like anybody else and that’s embarrassing. I mean, seriously: if you can’t think on your own you can’t make a difference in society.

I hope you all agree on these reasons why you should shun fashion, but if you happen to have other reasons, please feel free to contribute.
Instead of following fashion, you should dress uniquely and since you are a unique human being, you should try to match your clothes to your personality. How can you dress uncommonly? It’s easy, I’ll show you how to be way better dressed than somebody who follows fashion. And get this: I’ll show how to do this with half the money you would spend if you were to follow fashion, instead. Also, you’ll actually be able to keep the clothes I’ll advice you to buy, because they’ll stay stylish for at least a couple of years, if not longer.

This is what you need to do: first of all, always wear fresh clothes. Second, you must follow weather, colors, emotions, and reason. Third, take into account the difference between night and day, as well as the venue, of course. Oh, and don’t forget: the devil is in the details…

When I say that you must always wear fresh clothes, I really mean it. Just experiment and take note of the difference between wearing fresh clothes and smelly ones. When you are on your way on the subway, in the car, or on the bus, take a minute or two every day and look around. Who’s wearing fresh clothes and who’s not? Take a mental note of their faces. Notice anything? The people who are wearing fresh clothes are more relaxed and the expression on their faces is more positive. Mind you, I have absolutely nothing against people who have been working all day long and therefore don’t look as fresh anymore. It’s their job: a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. But my aim here is to teach you how to dress for success. You wouldn’t go out on a date with smelly, dirty clothes, right?

Now, how to follow weather? Simple: go by colors and fabrics. In the summertime, choose pastel colors, and linen, silk, cotton and canvas items. During the Winter, go for neutral colors instead, and pick wool, tweed, heavy cotton and leather. Easy right? Dressing according to the weather is vital. Get it wrong and you’ll sweat all your way to the business meeting. Get there sweaty and you’ll feel miserable and your colleagues will resent you for doing that. Get it wrong and you’ll shiver all the way to your appointment. You will resent the very moment you left the house. You’ll look terrible and you’ll be sneezing all over the place. Your colleagues will hate you, for a change. You might be thinking: “they hate me anyway”. Well, don’t give them any more reasons for doing that.

I’ve mentioned Emotions, too. How do you go about dressing your emotions? Easy as pie: dress in shades of dark colors if you happen to be sad or not particularly joyful that day, for whatever reason. You might want to avoid conversations. People will get it. Pick colorful clothes if you are happy, instead. It seems obvious but you would be surprised by how many people don’t even think about what they’ll be wearing and instead select the very first things that they find in their wardrobes. This creates confusion in their minds and that shows.

Reason: this is probably the hardest part, because it takes some time. People nowadays don’t really follow logic, for the most part. They prefer following their feelings and intuition because it’s easier. The vast majority of Women do this all the time. They even boast about how their intuition is superior. No wonder they end up like so many, lonely, used-up cat ladies and emotional train wrecks with a past of bad relationships and “depression” written on their foreheads. But I’m digressing. Following reason with your clothes means that you actually need to be aware of what you are wearing and why. What kind of fabric for your trousers? What’s the history of that fabric? Why are you wearing them? Does anything make sense or you just picked that particular kind of pants because they happened to be popping out from the drawer? When you are aware of what you are wearing, it shows. And when the vast majority of fashionistas out there don’t even remember their names, you are basically walking on waters compared to them. People will notice as well. And yes, even women would. but only the right ones. As per where you might find the right ones, I’m at a loss. Science can’t explain everything. And I’m not Jesus Christ.

So, to sum it up: avoiding fashion doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some trends that you think may suit your personality well, it just means you are better off dressing with style, instead. Be creative, be unique and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Now, let’s be practical. This week’s outfit is one of my favorites of all times. It’s not entirely casual, but certainly not formal either. It would be perfect for you springtime Sunday walk to church (as a side note, I’ve just joined the Rome Baptist Church at Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, you should swing by sometimes…).

Let’s start with the main element: we are dealing with a dark blue, two-buttons Webb&Scott sports jacket made of cotton and elastane, with slim lapels and patch pockets. The devil in the details here is represented by the unstructured shoulders, as well as the beehive texture: they will keep you fresh when the weather is hot. The slim lapels call for a skinny necktie, but since I can’t wear skinny neckties due to my broad shoulders, I’ve skipped the neckwear altogether and went for a Wrangler cotton keffiyeh with a blue and white madras and geometric pattern. Obviously, this keffiyeh has nothing to do with terrorists…

jacketgood - 1

A few words about Webb&Scott: this is an Italian brand, a spin-off of the “Migor SPA“. I’m quoting from their own website “Migor is one of the most historic Italian companies manufacturing and distributing classical and sports shirts in the medium/high market segment ever since 1931. Experience, careful workmanship, constant search and innovation of style and product represent an extra value setting Migor as a standard of excellence in its field.” It’s easy to write down good stuff about yourself, but I have to say that this jacket is just great, especially considered its price.

When Alessandro Di Vita, owner of Mosca 1954, called me the other day and asked me to go check out some “new jackets” that had just arrived at the store, I was somehow skeptical. But upon close inspection fo this jacket, I had to change my mind. I liked the jacket so much that I did something unusual, I bought it for myself. Its price? 139 euros…

Webb&Scott also send some cotton shirts with a Korean collar and woven patterns. I picked a white one to go along with the jacket, it was love at first feel between me and this shirt as well. I ended up buying it, too.

shirt, korean, webb&scott, fashionbloggers, white, cotton, poplin,

Another thing I bought was and an extra pair of Four.ten simil-Jeans just like the ones I’ve reviewed in last week’s blog post, but this time in Orange White, as opposed to Navy Blue. I just love them. Take a look at last week’s blog post for a description.

You’ll notice I’m wearing a pair of off-white driving gloves made of leather, by the Tie Shop Rome. Needless is to say: it’ll be unlikely that you’ll meet other people wearing the same kind of gloves during your walk to the church…

The cotton pocket square is also from the Tie Shop Rome, but it’s not for sale anymore…

Notice the socks are striped in blue, white and grey and made of cotton…

The last element of this outfit is a pair of off-white classic Tennis shoes made of canvas by Le Coq Sportif. All I’ll say is that you need a pair of white, or off-white, canvas sneakers such as this one. Just make sure you don’t wear them too often, or they’ll get dirty, and then they’ll look horrible. Keep them fresh!

sneakers, canvas, le coq sportif, trousers, pants, four.ten, fashionblogger, menstyle, style, menswear,

As per the wristwatch, I was wearing my newly acquired Seiko 5 automatic day/date, with the emerald green dial and the steel bracelet I love so much.

The sunglasses are a pair of Maui&Sons Wayfarer. Nothing fancy, but they do their job.

I’ve described the paper Trilby hat in this post. This hat as an interesting story, make sure you read about it!

SHIRT_kefiah - 1

So, this is why you should shun fashion and dress uncommonly, instead. Please, I’m on a mission here, help me out to spread the gospel of gentlemen. Make sure to comment, share, and like this post. Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel, as well as my blog, or follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!




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  1. This week’s outfit is one of my favorites of all times TOO 😉 Classy, elegant, effortlessly chic with a twist (and the twist is the complicated part). I love the combination of colors. As for the text, I could not agree more of course, and I laughed my head off because of your witty comments 🙂 Bravo dear Andrea, much love from a freeeeezing Paris.

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