Why Valentine’s Day is Delusional and you Should Not Celebrate it

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So… Valentine’s Day is here again, depressing as usual. It is delusional: Western societies celebrating romantic feelings while the world goes mad.

I think this is a good opportunity for me to remind people that —at some point— they should start to LOVE their partners, not just fall in and out of love with them.

The point being: love has nothing to do with romanticism and Cupid. I know, it’s counterintuitive, but it’s also true.

Love is about choosing to be with your life partner, not matter what happens and even if you “feel” like you don’t love them anymore. Romanticism is about following your own passions, feelings, and desires. Romanticism is Cupid hitting your heart with his arrow: you can’t help it.

Passions and feelings wax and wane, and there is no way of telling where they are coming from. Love is the act of consciously giving up yourself so that you can serve someone else. Love serves the higher interest of the couple, therefore the family, therefore society in general. Love is, by definition, altruistic in nature. Romanticism is serving your own interest and going your own way, it is anti-social and selfish.

As you know already, I believe that clothes are the first and most direct form of communication between human beings, and that, for this reason, they should be chosen with a purpose in mind.

I put together this outfit because, in my opinion, one should love their partners every single day, and show them respect every single day, not just on Valentine’s Day. This outfit symbolizes the union between Mars and Venus, or man and woman if you wish. Mars is the man, the military element of the equation, Venus is the woman, the nursing element.

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This week’s main element of our casual outfit is, therefore, a Paua Blue “civilized” field jacket by Blend, made of cotton. Everybody needs a field jacket, after all.

We can trace the origins of the modern field jacket all the way back to WWII. At that time, US soldiers we equipped with the legendary M-1943.

The one you see here looks more like the M-1965. This Blend field jacket has a traditional built-in hood, concealed with a zip behind the neck. Field jackets usually have more than 4 pockets and this one is no exception: there are two small pockets on the chest, two on the waist and another one on the left shoulder. The shoulders themselves are reinforced. This jacket is comfortable and quite flexible, it will protect you from the wind and light rain.

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While military field jackets evolved from cotton to other —more technical— hydro-repellent materials, however, the civilized versions are usually made of cotton. This natural, breathable fabric is indeed perfect for the field jacket of the modern gentleman.

The guys at Mosca54 are surprised by the Blend Clothing Company: they make quality garments at extremely reasonable prices.

For this week’s outfit, I picked a pair of skinny, washed-out jeans in Light Steel Blue. They are “Venusian”. These jeans come wrapped in a bag of nylon as if they were a big Kebab. I unwrapped them and put them on without ironing them because I think that the distressed look of the jeans fits this outfit perfectly.

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In fact, the idea was to put together elements from the Martial world —jacket and shirt— with elements from the Venusian world, the jeans, and the trainers. This outfit, is, therefore, a symbol of the relationship between men and women. Relationships are never easy. To attenuate the contrast that exists between the two worlds in terms of philosophy and character, I have decided to god for analogous colors. This makes the outfit more visually consistent.

I picked a Verdigris green military cotton shirt with two pockets on the chest and no button down, also by the Blend Clothing Company.The fit of this shirt is tight and, ideally, you should wear it untucked.

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I also picked a pair of trainers to go with the outfit, instead of a more traditional sort of shoes: trainers are very much en vogue among the vast majority of young people. Millennials are usually for peace and rainbows and against the military, and so they are Venusian in nature.

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The symbol of this unusual liaison is the colorful Kefiah by McNeal. The Kefiah kind of looks just a like a rainbow made of cotton wrapped around your neck.

It is ok to wear this sorts of scarves, as long as you don’t use the traditional black&white Kefiah because that would make you look like a Palestinian terrorist.

I chose the wool beanie in Wild Blue Yonder because its color recalls the Lochamara blue of the shoes, but the style is more traditional. A younger Millennial would have probably picked a baseball cap, instead.

I wanted to spend a paragraph about my new wristwatch. We are dealing with an automatic, water-resistant, vintage Seiko 5 day-date. This watch isn’t particularly expensive, but I love it because of the color of its dial: Allports green. I think it gives the ensemble that particular, personal twist that I always blab about.

The last paragraph is for the sunglasses: this is a pair of blue and white Wayfarers with mirror lenses from Maui&Sons. You like them? I do!

I put this casual outfit together using pastel colors, as well as natural fibers, and I think that the final result is somewhat joyous and organic. Once again, it’s all about the profound irony of life.

This outfit is for Saint Valentine’s day. I never believed in Pagan Holidays and I think that one should not celebrate romantic passions and lovers, but true love and the family, instead. It is no coincidence that the world out there puts so much emphasis on superficial things.

I feel sorry for the human race and for young people that are being indoctrinated in public schools and tricked into becoming atheists, feminists, environmentalists, vegetarians, pro-gay advocates, Buddhists, moral relativists and gender-neutral bathrooms. In one word: Hillary supporters.


In the entire Western world, relationships between men and women have reached a point of no return; the institution of the Family has been destroyed by divorce and abortion laws, and the generational pact has been infringed. As a result, society has become considerably less stable, and the global financial stability a chimera. Western families have become dysfunctional and unfruitful. The Crude Birth Rate (number of babies born every 1000 persons) in Europe has been constantly decreasing during the last decades. There were 7.7 million live births in 1964, but only 5.5 in 2002. In 2014, the total fertility rate in the EU-28 was 1.58 live births per woman (source: Eurostat). In the USA it was 1.88, and in Japan 1.41 (2012). And to think that, together, these countries had been responsible for the economic boom of the 1960s. They used to be the economic locomotive of the world. Now they are slowing down, to say the least. This is one of the main reasons why the global economy is collapsing. The irony is that, in the midst of all this, we are celebrating Valentine’s day!

It’s like the wife of the hanged man celebrating ropes!

I just hope that young people will one day realize that they are being tricked. They are giving away the most important things in their lives in exchange for a couple of glass beads, mirrors, shells, and furs as if they were so many native Americans during the age of Columbus.

Normal people shouldn’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day: it’s boring, self-destructive, totalitarian, depressing and delusional, stop it!




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