7 Reasons Why the Swedish “Women-only” Group Selfie is Laughable

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Eight “women”… and all of them are ugly, angry feminists with nothing to do but making fun of somebody else and fight against Climate Change. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??

Isabella Lövin’s feminist group selfie is laughable.

Following its publication, various media outlets have hinted at the fact that she was trying to mimic the famous picture in which Trump signs the anti-abortion law surrounded only by men.

Lövin herself wasn’t direct and did not openly proclaimed that that was indeed her intention. Although, she did admit that hers is a “feminist government” and that people should unite the dots on their own.

There are seven reasons why Lövin’s gesture is laughable:

1- It represents the typical jerk reaction of the vindictive child: “you did this to me? I’ll do this to you”. Lövin is just jumping on the bandwagon of the Trump-haters and seizing the opportunity to advertise for herself. It’s already crystal-clear: not matter what Trump will say or do, Leftists will have something bad to say about him and his policies. The Starbuck strategy will undoubtedly pay off since the international Left is all about destroying every single thing that normal people have said, done or built throughout the course of history. Moreover, the Starbuck strategy resonates with the vast majority of Leftists, because they are, themselves, childish and vindictive. So, it’s a win-win for Lövin as well as for Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz: they don’t have to spend a penny on this sort of publicity and they can rest assure that it will work since it aims straight at the heart of their supporters.

2 – International relations are not about making fun of each other. Any politician of a self-proclaimed civilized country shouldn’t indulge in such a superficial behavior. Sweden is still a Western country, after all! Although, whether a socialist-feminist country can actually be defined “civilized” or not is debatable.

3 – Lövin refused to publicly claim that her picture was published just to make fun of Donald Trump. Only the worst sort of people don’t have the guts to look at you straight in the eyes and tell you that they don’t like you.

4 – Lövin’s aim was protesting against one picture in which Donald Trump is signing an anti-abortion executive order, given the fact that the photo portrays only men. However, this does not mean that the executive order is in itself wrong. Not to mention the fact that aborting a child has nothing to do with a woman’s body, as much as it has to do with a baby’s body. Using the same rationale, one could ask: where are the penguins in your picture? It really doesn’t make sense, the type of genitalia you hide between your legs doesn’t say anything about the quality of the policies you advocate for. By the way, since when the environment has nothing to with men?

5 – Lövin’s gesture clearly shows that she is only interested in propaganda, while she should be addressing other, more pressing issues. The fact that a group of women is working on any given topic does not guarantee the success of the endeavor. Feminist propaganda sounds very much like female supremacy. Ironically, though, feminists are fighting against male supremacy. Surely, nobody is interested in truth, justice, and fairness here. It takes a frustrated pervert to even take into consideration the idea that this asinine attitude could be somehow reasonable.

6 – Lövin’s gesture won’t prevent Trump from working at the implementation of policies that he regards as more reasonable than the ones Obama has implemented in the past. If anything, Lövin’s gesture could motivate Trump to move on even faster, because —after all— if you piss off a feminist it means you must have done something right. A feminist, by definition, is not pro-women, but only against men.

7 – Climate Change always existed and there’s nothing men can do to prevent it. Climate change, point. Climate has changed throughout the ages, regardless of what human beings have done. There is no way of knowing whether or not Climate is really changing (how do you measure the average temperature of the earth and against which parameters?). Also, if the climate is indeed changing, the question is: to what extent human beings are actually involved in this supposed change?

So, Lövin is wasting her time in asking a bunch of women to solve a non-existent issue, just because they happen to share the same kind of genitalia, regardless of their intelligence or knowledge. It’s laughable.

We should all pray that Lövin might come out with a better way of spending the taxpayer’s money in the near future.




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