Special: How to Dress Fantastically in 6 Inspired Moves

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This week’s casual outfit is special because it was inspired by a fantastic movie: “The Deer Hunter”. Oh, and it goes without saying, it will make you look fantastic in six moves: a jacket, a pair of blue jeans, boots, a flannel shirt, a sweater and a beanie.

It all started out because of its centerpiece: the Holubar “Deer Hunter” jacket. It is basically Mike Vronsky jacket’s (Robert DeNiro’s character) and it is iconic.

We are dealing with a classic here, just as much as The Deer Hunter is a classic. To be honest, Mike wears an orange jacket in the movie, while I have gone for a green one. There are many good reasons why we haven’t picked an orange jacket. The main one is: you never want to just copy someone else’s outfit because style must be personal. So, this outfit was indeed inspired by someone else’s style (in this case a fictional character), but it is still unique.

For those of you who don’t know anything about this jacket: the lining is made in Italy by Limonta, one of the very best textile companies out there. This regular fit, hip-length hooded jacket will shield you from moisture, wind, rain and even from the annoying protruding branches of the forest, given its tough outer shell. Also, consider that this is the real thing: if you really mean to use it for your hunting excursions, go ahead. There’s plenty of storage room here, there’s even a pocket on the back! For the nerds among you: the fabric is 82% cotton and 18% polyacrylic, so the jacket is breathable, but at the same time extremely durable as well as flexible.

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Behind every great project, there’s a great designer. Things never seem to happen by chance. The Deer Hunter is another good example of a great project. You can tell there’s an intelligent mind behind it, even tough that’s not immediately apparent. Dust your very own DVD of the movie (you do have it, right?) and slap into your XBOX: you’ll notice that the first twenty minutes of The Deer Hunter are devoid of dialog and don’t really make sense. It’s just a peep into the life of some random guys from the late Seventies. And yet, what a peep! It looks random, but it isn’t. It looks chaotic, but it isn’t really chaotic.

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According to the Second Law of thermodynamics, every system that is not supervised by an intelligence will sooner or later decay, in fact. Death and chaos are unavoidable. That does not explain how Michael Cimino‘s masterpiece won five Oscars at the 51st Academy Awards, but the fact remains. Everybody agrees on this: we are dealing with one of the best movies of all times. Yet, it’s controversial. Everything is always controversial.

No, wait: Holubar isn’t! The American clothing brand was founded in 1947. Wrangler was also founded in 1947. Actually, even my dad was born in the same year… To be even more precise, Holubar was born in Colorado thanks to the efforts and the passion of two mountaineers: Alice and Roy. Ask any American and they’ll you: the Mountain Parka is one of the most famous items of clothing that was ever produced across the ocean. “Nylon” is the keyword. Holubar was the first clothing company to combine a natural fiber such as cotton to a synthetic one with a purpose in mind: conquering the elements. Alice and Roy went straight for the best and asked the Limonta guys, the rest is history.

Let’s take a close look at this outfit now. By the way, you can find other good examples of casual outfits here, here, here and here. I picked a pair of classic Wrangler jeans in a classic color (Midnight Express Blue) because I think that blue and green look great together. Also, this pair of Wranglers are a perfect match in terms of style: the two main elements of the outfit are both immediately recognizable instant classics.

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This is the reason why I went for a pair of lumberjack boots. I have already described these Everlast here so I won’t elaborate further. Just notice how the boots and the belt are of the same color. The belt is by Tie Shop Rome, anyway.

As you might remember, I’m fighting a war against Pitti Uomo these days. This is the reason why I’m putting together casual outfits, instead of going for formal ones. Too many neckties and dandies on the Internet out there already. My point being: you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be stylish. This outfit cost me less than 400 euros. The only slightly expensive item being the jacket, although, 189 euros is still a huge bargain! Thanks to Mosca54. But this is the reason why I decided to go low budget when it came to picking a sweater and a shirt. The Blend Clothing Company immediately came to my mind. They are the kings of the jungle in that price range.

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The wool sweater is a Northern classic in Dawn Grey with orange and blue geometric patterns. The fit is tight and the shoulders are a little structured. I picked it because this is what the average American man from the 1970s of the last century would have probably worn while driving around in his Ford. I matched the jacket with this flannel shirt for basically the same reason and also keeping in mind Mike Vronsky’s wardrobe. We are dealing with a Shiraz red button-down shirt with a large windowpane pattern in white and blue.

shirt, flannel, blend, style, classic, windowpane

You might have noticed that the beanie I’m wearing is basically identical to De Niro’s one. That’s not a coincidence. This Midnight Express Blue Levi’s beret is made of cotton and wool. And yes: it does match the jeans exactly, Sherlock!

The wristwatch, by the way, is an old Paketa. It’ll tell you the exact time twice a day. I feel generous today, so here’s the flat lay:

flatlay, grid, holubar, wrangler, everlast, paketa, levis, blend

One final word, remember: searching for inspiration by looking at classic movies such as this one is a good idea, but never copy&paste other people’s styles. You aren’t Mike Vronsky and thank God you’re not De Niro, either (great actor, horrible man).

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COST BREAKDOWN (in Euros, at Sales prices)

Jacket: 189
Jeans: 64
Shirt: 20
Sweater: 29
Shoes: 63
Hat: 28

Total: 393


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4 thoughts on “Special: How to Dress Fantastically in 6 Inspired Moves

  1. As usual, the outfit is just perfect. The sophistication is subtle (matching of colors) and I could not agree more: one cannot just copy/paste a look because style is very personal. I must admit that you and your weapon are kind of impressive, and as I already told you: don’t mess with that guy 😉
    This movie is an awfully moving movie. Incredibly dark and sad and lucid on human nature, and that’s why it is a great movie.
    Great inspiration, dear Andrea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH! My very best, as well as favorite, reader! It would be worth writing this blog even you were also the only reader! Thanks you for the compliments on this outfit. I much appreciate. Only somebody who possess a great sense of gusto would notice how, in fact, the main point here is NOT messing with the colors! The weapons, it’s a family tradition. Also, I’m glad you like “The Deer Hunter”! In theory one should really like that movie, but actually it’s impossible.


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