How to Dress Like a True Lumberjack, Avoid Dandyism and be a Genuine Man

blue, brown, jacket, trousers, fashionblogger, wrangler, mcs
Blue and Brown always look good!

We live in the last days, Genuine Men have become a scarcity. Dandies are taking over the world. Lumberjacks are dying. I knew this was going to happen but that doesn’t make it any less sad. Real men are a thing of the past nowadays: cavemen who blow on fire, dinosaurs of times past. It’s chronological snobbery, of course. That’s why I put together this outfit with less than 300 euros. When you look like a real man and act like a real man, people will take you for a real man.

Yet, there is another even more important reason why I chose to go casual again this week: PITTI UOMO. The wonderland of dandyism, a place from which there is no return.

Dandies are the opposite of Genuine Men, they are effeminate, wussies and men-ginas. Dandies think they are more intelligent than their ancestors just because they were born later. The truth is: they are just a bunch of peacocks who don’t know how to put two colors together. They complement their shallow personalities with eye-catching clothes since they have nothing to offer beyond their looks. They are the ones who wear wooden watches! We all know that wooden watches can only be Quartz watches and thus they are of the Devil.

Speaking of the Devil, Plato is not my favorite philosopher, he was a communist! I’ll use him to annihilate the chronological snobbery of the dandies just to prove my point.

Even though they were born later, Dandies would never be as intelligent as Plato. And Plato isn’t even one of the most cunning among the Greeks!

Plato described how Oligarchy turns into Democracy and Democracy into Tyranny. Let’s paraphrase: Style turns into Fashion and Fashion into Dandyism. Dandyism is the Tyranny of Style. The Dandy is a Tyrannical man and the latter is the worst form of man, according to Plato.

The Dandy is the son of the Democratic man (the Fashionable man) – who’s already pretty bad. The Dandy Man is a lawless murderer of style, unjust and consumed by his own desires.

PITTI UOMO is the context in which armies of dandies ritually commit the greatest manslaughter of style in the history of humanity.

There is a reason why PITTI UOMO is so popular! Remember: what is popular cannot be stylish. It’s a trade-off, you cannot have it both ways: it’s either you are stylish or you are popular.

I’m adamant: Genuine Men need to strike a balance between masculinity and the need to dress well. Dressing well does NOT mean obsessing over your clothes, to the contrary. A man must be well dressed but never obsessed about his clothes. You loose your battle the exact moment in which you try to reach perfection. Place that handkerchief inside your pocket, don’t try to make it a work of art, for a work of art it will never be. Don’t match your shoes to your socks, it’s ridiculous. Don’t wear a necktie on your hat, instead of a proper hat band! We get it: you have spent last night thinking about this brilliant idea, nerd!

As you know already, this is not a feel-good blog. This blog is all about truth, the truth will set you free. Verily verily I say unto you: AVOID PITTI UOMO LIKE IT’S THE PLAGUE! (DISCOVER OTHER, EQUALLY MANLY CASUAL OUTFITS HERE, HERE AND HERE)

If you don’t get it, but you want to put an end to your prolonged adolescence and become a Genuine Man, contact me. You can find my email in the “about me” section of this blog, or use the social media buttons on the right. Yet, being aware of the truth won’t help you unless you act on your knowledge. There are things you need to do.

For example, dress well, dress like a Genuine man, or dress like a lumberjack – in this case. What? Dressing well is expensive? No, it isn’t.

I spent less than 300 Euros for this wonderful casual outfit, lumberjack style.  That’s approximately 315 US Dollars or 260 Brexit Pounds. AS you know, all the clothes I wear in this blog are mine, except the ones that aren’t. Much in the same way, all the pictures you see here have been taken by me, except the ones that haven’t.

Anyways, let’s take a good look at this outfit: the main element is the jacket. This is a Wrangler, middle-length, Waxed Hunting Jacket the color of Creole Brown. I ADORE IT. It’s Winter-ready, so you can wear it in cold weather, but it’s also light. Its main qualities are versatility and practicality.

Wrangler, waxed jacket, style, fashionblogger,
I fell in love with this waxed jacket the minute I saw it!

This jacket is stylish and it will protect you from the elements. Even though it’s worth almost 300, I was able to get it for only 110 Euros because of the sales that are going on at Mosca ‘54! This is one of the best bargains I’ve ever made.

The second distinctive element of this outfit are the shoes. These are a pair of Everlast. As you can see we are dealing with a Timberland-homage. This lumberjack high boots with Vibram soles are made in leather.

Comfortable, dependable, stylish. A great combination.
Comfortable, dependable, stylish. A great combination.

The color is “Morocco Brown”. You can go anywhere with these: have a long hike on the mountains, dust them, and then join the guys at the club for a beer and game of pool. I’ve only paid 63 Euros for the shoes, and don’t think for a second the quality isn’t good enough. Maybe the originals are better, but you would never find a bargain on a pair of Timberlands. Also, consider that the difference in price between the Kosher ones and the ones I’m wearing here is way higher than the difference in quality.

Third distinctive element? I’d say is the cotton sweater. I love it almost as much as I love the jacket. I love it for two reasons: first of all, the Sandwisp Yellow blends perfectly with the rest of the ensemble. This shade of yellow falls into the category of pastel colours, but it’s bold. Rare combination: mute color, bold choice = we are in “connoisseurs-only” territory. Knowing this will give you an edge over those who are not capable of coming out with similar combinations. Second – as if this wasn’t enough – don’t forget this is a cotton sweater! I chose this particular texture because of the flannel shirt and the waxed jacket. Also, this is a sporty outfit. You don’t want wool here because wool is not as breathable as cotton and it will make you sweat. The price tag for this Brandi sweater is ridiculous, especially if you consider the fact that we are dealing with Made in Italy: only 25 Euros!

brandi, sweater, cotton,
Brandi is a great Brand

Ok, now for the shirt: if possible, I love it even more than I love the jacket. This is a Wrangler flannel shirt with a madras pattern and two Texas-style pockets on the breast. The main color is Saltpan white, the others are blue and light yellow. It is a button-down shirt and it will cost you 31 Euros: another great bargain! Quality wise, you won’t find much better in that price range. Remember: I picked a flannel shirt because the sweater is in cotton. Go for a cotton shirt if you wear a wool sweater instead. Just don’t combine flannel and wool if you live in a warm place. Don’t combine cotton and cotton if you live in a cold place. If you want to combine flannel and wool, go for a lighter jacket, or choose a heavier jacket otherwise.

festina, shirt, watches, chronograph, wristwatch, tattoo, wrangler, fashionblogger
The chronograph is an old Festina…

Why is this SO important? Remember: this outfit has a precise purpose, avoiding PITTI UOMO. Instead of going to Florence you have already packed your backpack with lousy survival food and taken the path to the closest mountain range. No Dandy has ever set foot there. Now, also keep in mind that this is January and January is a cold month even in Italy! Especially on the mountains! Hiking is hard on rough terrain and in cold, rainy, windy weather: the one thing you don’t want to do is start sweating. The sweat will soon turn into ice on your skin, and that spells hypothermia, which is a disaster. Even a living Dandy is better than a dead lumberjack… that says it all. Granted you’ll make a stylish corpse, but I don’t want you on my conscience… I’m digressing, I know.

The fourth element of the outfit are the trousers. We are dealing with one of my all-time favorite casual brands: MCS. Marlboro rhymes with quality and style, rugged and refined clothes for men that have never visited Brokeback Mountain and couldn’t care less about its secrets (we all know what you were doing there anyways…). These five-pockets in Midnight Express blue are in cotton. This color works wonders together with the shades of brown of both the jacket and the shoes, not to mention the yellowish shade of the sweater. I’ve paid 45 Euros for them, but that’s another super-discounted price!

everlast, lumberjack, boots, style,
I always loved Lumberjack boots!

Lastly, allow me to say a couple of things about the Levi’s wool beanie in Pod Brown: it’s practical, stylish and cheap at the same time. The little red tag is discrete, but it’ll set you apart. Notice how I usually try to more or less pair the color of the shoes with the one of the hat. I think it works as long as you don’t match the colors exactly, because that would be too studied and it’ll soon become boring. I spent 10 euros for the hat.

shoulders, back, jacket, fashionblogger, rearview
I’ve never been to Brokeback mountain…

All right, folks! That’s all for this week. Remember: the reason why you’ll never find a lumberjack at PITTI UOMO is because lumberjacks are Genuine Men and Dandies are men-ginas. When you look like a real man and act like a real man, people will take you for a real man.





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3 thoughts on “How to Dress Like a True Lumberjack, Avoid Dandyism and be a Genuine Man

  1. This might not be a feel-good blog, as you say, but I do feel good when reading you. I particularly enjoy the texts, which reflect your witty spirit and dry sense of humor. And no need to mention that the outfit is perfect: virile and effortlessly chic.
    Much love from Paris,


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