How to: Sport an Outstanding Outfit at the Mountain Resort

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Whatever you do, don’t forget your sunglasses!

The secret to an outstanding outfit is combining the right colors and textures for the right reasons, at the appropriate time. Avoid bold, eye-catching colors at all costs: you are on vacation and even your pupils need some rest.

In this case, you’d be wearing these clothes in the evening. The first form of respect you can use towards other people is respecting their eyesight. Avoid the “punch-in-the-eye” effect and they’ll be much more friendly towards you from the beginning.

Textures: you need warm clothes, let’s talk wool and heavy cotton. Many people like pile cardigans and sweaters, but you are not “many people”, avoid it like the plague.

For other examples of casual outfits go here and here.

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I mean, seriously: you’ll need them!

Timing is everything: do not dine at the mountain resort restaurant. That would be disastrous for your own image. A gentleman is never late, he arrives when he’s supposed to arrive. Yeah, that’s also true for wizards. But do me a favor, unless you have a date, don’t have dinner at the mountain resort.

Avoid eating anything that comes from a busy kitchen during this time of the year. Do it for culinary as well as hygienic reasons. That should be at least as clear as the bright blue winter skies on the mountains, Gandalf. Fly you, fools!

Indeed: Italians will spend at least one week at the usual mountain locations in Alta Badia, Val Gardena, or Cortina D’Ampezzo, during wintertime. Some like skiing, some like getting drunk, some others like getting laid. Whatever they’ll do, they’ll do it in style.

The problem being: snowy mountains are usually NOT the place to go for discovering new fashion trends. Skiers wear bright and bold colors for visibility reasons. Eminem himself wouldn’t  be able to rhyme that with style.

Yet, we all know that the real reason why Italians spend the day skiing is because they get drunk at night.

Skiing to them is an excuse to lose calories so they can drink whatever they want.

So, life is always ironic: snowy mountain peaks, beautiful as they are, are the sworn enemy of style. But there’s always a but. Cozy mountain retreats are instead great places to sport your gentleman’s attire. Your outfit might be casual, like this one, and it’s all right: that does not mean it isn’t stylish.

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I’m way too lazy these days, so: no flat lay for you. Get boozed.

From top to bottom: I’m wearing a bronze tone green 100% wool beanie from Charatt. Keep this in mind: hats must always be made of organic materials, otherwise the quickly become unwearable. Invest in some good quality hats instead of many cheap ones.

The nordic wool sweater in Russian Blue is by Clockhouse. With those nordic geometric patterns, it’s perfect for a mountain resort.

The raw amber corduroy trousers by Canva are made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. That’s the way it should be, remember you are on a mountain, you’ll drink a lot and the last thing you need is for your movements to be restrained.

The Cola-Green heavy-duty boots with Vibram soles are made in Germany by Josef Seibel.

Even though this is a casual outfit, I still took care of somehow matching the color of the hat to the shoes. In theory, you are not supposed to pay attention to color schemes when it comes to casual: it’s called “casual” for a reason. But I believe that the personality rule overrides all other rules. Your style must be personal.

This outfit is relatively inexpensive. Still, there is one element that stands out: the wool scarf. That’s a double-face Cerruti in two colors: seal brown and mardi gras. The scarf, in my opinion, is the centerpiece. It will serve two purposes: on one hand, is a “peacocking” element, on the other, it will protect you from the wind. This is the element that will make you stand out from the crowd. Take it away and this outfit would not be worth a blog post. In one word, this scarf is priceless.

Last but not least: the sunglasses. These are a pair of Bollé with mirrored lenses, in middle brown. They look like classic Carreras. Needless is to say: you can’t do without a good pair of mirrored sunglasses up in the mountains during the day: white is so intense up there! The combination of sunlight and snow could ruin your eyesight if you don’t take precautions.

In conclusion, I will leave you with the color scheme to this outfit because, my wonderful inferiors, you need to study it, elaborate on it, and find your own style. One thing you can do straight away in order to put together your own brilliant winter resort outfit is: keep the colors and change the shades! And don’t have too much fun up in the mountains, remember: this is a valley of tears.


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