grey flannel suits
Dark Grey Flannel is Stylish but Serious at the same time. Benetti is a great tailor.

I’m not in the mood for joking, because today is a bad day for my country. We knew it already, but Renzi’s resignation communique confirmed that he is an irresponsible youngster who’s been sitting, merely by chance, on a hot seat, which was way too wide for his tight commi Tuscan butt in the first place. It was a hot seat on which he didn’t deserve to seat anyway.

In the course of the recent months, Renzi has tried to squeeze the juice out of all the ideas which were flying carefree in the echo of that empty Lefty melon of his, which means: zilch, zero, nothing, nada. Except for the usual, Trinitarian Liberal recipe for disaster which consists of three ingredients: 1) Raise taxes 2) Get the taxpayers money 3) Increase taxation.

At the point, soon as he realised that the fruit of this sinister recipe wasn’t going to get swallowed by anybody, especially in lean years, and not even with the help of some castor oil, the game wasn’t fun for him anymore and therefore he tried to change the rules to the game by attempting to change the constitution. After having witnessed to the failure of this brilliant move, he reacted like any little spoiled Obama-admirer would have: he announced his resignation. I think it’s Berlusconi’s fault…    

As a result of this, I decided that I was going to write a serious post today. As you know, I strongly believe that one cannot be a proper gentleman if he’s not interested in politics, doesn’t take part, or doesn’t understand it. Moreover, in my humble opinion, the only possible, as well as respectable, political outlet for a respectable Western man is the Grand Old Party, or the Conservative Party, if you wish. 

This outfit is conservative, indeed. It consists in a two-piece flannel suit with two buttons, structured shoulders, notch lapels and flap pockets in Barossa Grey by Giorgio Bennetti. It’s made of fine flannel, picked by “Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti 1881”. We are dealing with an off-the-rack suit, but it was adjusted to suit my measures by my friend Marian Vitel. 

tombolini, overcoat, wool
You can’t do Without at least one Chalk-Striped wool overcoat for the Winter Season

The Oyster-Pink cotton shirt was instead hand-made by Marian Vitel here in Italy, using fine materials, like mother-of-pearl buttons for example.

The Oxford Shoes are a pair of J. Wilton, the colour of Wood Bark-Brown.

j. wilton, oxford, shoes
A Good Pair of Oxford Shoes in Brown and one in Black Would be a Good Start for Your Shoes Collection

The British-style (the stripe crosses the heart from the left shoulder) Rep wool necktie by Tie Shop Rome is in Night Rider-Brown, Off-white, and white. It was made and stitched almost entirely by hand in the whereabouts of Como. It fits my daily mood since it’s an army necktie: belligerent and cantankerous. Notice the usual tie-bar, an essential element of my style. 

Giorgio Benetti: a great tailor, sorry Marian...
Giorgio Benetti: a great tailor, sorry Marian…

The silk pocket square also comes from the Tie Shop Rome, its main colour being Wistful-Purple. Small, grey-dotted white diamonds make its geometrical pattern look interesting but sober at the same time. Notice it was folded casually. Actually, it wasn’t even folded, it was just placed in the pocket and left there. It’s the only concession to chaos in this outfit. You have to have at least an item that is either casual or non-studied, otherwise, your style won’t be personal and you’d look like a mannequin.

The chalk-striped wool Overcoat in Blackcurrant-Grey is by Tombolini, off-the-rack again, it didn’t need any tailoring.

The wool Fedora hat is by Spada Roma and sports a cotton band in dark brown which suits the rest of the outfit. 

And remember one thing: it was Berlusconi’s fault, blame it on him. 


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Andrea Loquenzi Holzer

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  1. What a mess, my dear… Europe is a total meltdown. To paraphrase Churchill, democracy reaaaallly is the worst form of government, except for all the others. And it is unfortunately true, we have to cope with it.


    1. I’ve always admire Churchill witty, counter-intuitive quotes. I was not aware of the existence of this one, but I find it quite good. I’m sure it’ll come in handy at some point… So glad somebody can actually understand what I’m talking about 🙂 Thanks!


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