Yes, the chap riding the horse is my friend and no: this picture isn’t photoshopped


Karl Popper used to say that “All life is problem-solving”, but John Cravatta says “not my problem…”

I’m going bear hunting. Well, ok: more like trushes, but they are as dangerous as bears if you fall into a hole in the ground and end up like Alice in Wonderland. I still have a huge crush on Alice, btw.

You’ll see me wearing this outfit often, deep into the Italian woods, hidden somewhere among the Apennines. Which means that, actually, you won’t see me. Anyways, there is no reason to give on style when you go hunting.

Here we have a vintage, three-buttons, windowpane, Himalaya-green, English shooting jacket in tweed by “Dacks London” with notch lapels, flapped and buttoned patch pockets and patches on the elbows as well. This jacket was passed on to me by my father. I had it tailored to suit my measures as well as the times by Marian Vitel.   

No, you won’t be as cool as John Cravatta if you start smoking cigars…


I wore the jacket on an off-white, windowpane flannel shirt by Zadi. I should have the shirt tailored as well but there’s a limit to how many menial task I can assign to Marian: the chap is a tad haughty when it come to sartorial jobs: he prefers creating ex-novo, rather than adjusting old pieces and frankly: can you blame him?

Let’s go on: the wonderful five-pockets are from one of my favorite brands at the moment: “Teleria Zed”, they call this color “Biscotto” (Biscuit, cookie), I love it like I love cookies of all kinds. Except, Halloween, cookies. Halloween is for pagans and I’m NOT a pagan. Anyways, the micro-checkered wool pants are hand-made and hand-stitched in Italy, and they fit like a glove.

I’ve bought the wool necktie in Peru Tan brown at the Tie shop Rome. The wool, driver cap (or Mafia cap) in Squirrel grey is from Mosca 1954. Nothing fancy, but it works.

The rubber-sole Chelsea Boots in Cape Palliser brown are made in Perugia by IGI&Co.

The wallet is an Enrico Coveri, the watch is a russian Paketa (read: “Raketa”) – as bent as the Soviet sickle and as reliable as the hammer that crosses it… There’s also a Zippo lighter and some Toscanelli cigars. Ooops, I almost forgot, la pièce de résistance! That’s a Beretta Cal.22 with Carl Zeiss optics… and people say I could deflorate a flying sparrow with that… Ladies&Gentlemen. Classy, huh? Ask Carl Popper if he can do the same…

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