The Problem with Mondays (and Blazers)


Brooksfield is an Italian brand founded in Turin in 1971 


I wish you all a happy Monday, dear inferiors! As far as Mondays can be happy. But I do believe that the problem with Monday isn’t really Monday, but the people who hate Mondays. We are not supposed to “observe days”, it says in the Bible, anyway. I find it idiotic: what difference does the passage of hours make, after all?

Wise as usual. Soon as I wake up and turn the coffee machine on, while in prayer, I read out loud a chapter from the Book of Proverbs. And so remember that:

He is in the way of life that keepers instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth.” (Proverbs 10:17 – KJV)

If you don’t understand King James English, that’s your problem. Man up and get a grip. Sometimes I think: the vast majority of grown-up individuals I know have never read the Bible. Not even one passage. In fact, they don’t even own a Bible. It’s foolishness. Granted you might or might no be a believer, that’s your business, but the Bible is – undeniably – the most interesting and most important book that the world has ever seen. Let alone the fact that we are dealing with a prophetic book (and that its prophecies are crystal clear, accurate and reliable – unlike the ones of Nostradamus…), but the Gospel also contains the highest moral teachings that anyone has ever heard of. 

Why am I blabbering about all this? Well, it seems to me that the people that complain about Monday are mostly Pagans, or perhaps Calvinists, or – even worse – Roman Catholics. It’s a valley of tears, but look at the positive side: you’re going to die soon! Just Joking. No, but seriously: read the Gospel. Start from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 and onwards).

Anyways, my dear friend Marian Vitel has just finished working on this beautiful Navy blue blazer by Brooksfield, which needed some tailoring.

brooksfield, blazer, goose, logo
You can tell a blazer from a jacket easily: first of all, look for the brass buttons. Second, a blazer is usually Navy Blue (this being the usual colour of a Captain’s blazer). Third: a blazer usually also sports some sort of symbol or logo on the pocket. In this case, obviously, we have the Brooksfield’s flying goose.

As you probably know already, a blazer is different from a jacket because of its original purpose: these were common items in the wardrobes of Captains during the good-old fashioned age of navy battles, when men used to be the breadwinners, wear pants and never moan about circumstances (or days of the week), and the women used to be amazing, wonderful, sensitive creatures with long skirts.

Nowadays, we don’t even know what kind of bathroom we are supposed to use anymore, but whatever… This used to be my father’s blazer. My father was a most peculiar Man. I coupled it with a pair of Dockers, and some Asics “Kenjyutsu” sneakers. The white Levi’s shirt is from Mosca 1954. The Driver Cap is from La Coppola Storta. The pocket square is from the Tie Shop Rome. 

The fundamental thing to remember today is: since the heathens out there are usually grumpy on Mondays, cheer them up with a spezzato (odd jacket and trousers) like the one I’m wearing. Because our Lord&Saviour Jesus has said:

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)

That’s all for today, folks! Huh, pardon! Inferiors.

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Andrea Loquenzi Holzer

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4 thoughts on “The Problem with Mondays (and Blazers)

  1. As a self-assumed Pagan, I do love this post – and I do hate Mondays. The reason is a simple as that: I have three kids who lovingly torture me over the weekend and I feel that exhausted and brainwhashed on Monday mornings that I am unable to handle the change of rythm (and thus not being tortured anymore). As you see: Pagan’s issue 🙂 (even if I read the Bible)
    This blazer is perfect and so are you.
    Much love from a Pagan-Parisian

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, my dear Caroline, always nice to read your comments! I will forgive for being a Pagan 🙂 You are exempt from moral judgment from now and up until the middle of December. After that, you must come back and confess you sins 🙂 Thank you so much for the compliments! Kisses from Rome !


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