John Cravatta Does not Like Black


The Beehive pattern of the pants adds interest to the outfit


Buonasera, Ladies &Gentlemen: here’s the news for today: John Cravatta does not like black. And that’s a good thing: Nazis and fascists do like black. The rule of thumb is: only wear black at a funeral.  However,  here we have a black jacket by Chinook! How do you deal with black?

Simple, you mix it up with some white, gray or pink! Therefore, we also have a very common white shirt in cotton by MOSCA 1954, a pair of fantastic, hand-stitched five-pockets by Teleria Zed in what they call “Piombo” (lead) gray, notice they are finished with a beehive pattern, which brings some interest to the outfit.

The single-striped semi-square pointed, perforated whole-cuts are from Wexford, you can’t pull them off unless you are: a) Italian b) a very experienced dresser, so be careful. In case of necessity, switch them for a pair of derbies, if you can find them in the same color. Consider also a pair of red suedes. Nothing fancy, though, you don’t want to draw too much attention to the shoes.

The Panama hat is made in paper, nothing expensive, or branded. It has a story which I have told already and John Cravatta, like Paganini, does not like repetitions. Actually, I’ll make an exception: I schlepped that hat all the way from Ecuador. I  won it in a Poker game which took place in some notorious pub in an ill-famed barrio of Quito, right before 9/11, from a woman who had bet her body against the hat).

Now for the details: there’s a very nice Longines Flagship automatic from the late Fifties of the last century, with a black leather strap and a white dial; it’s the ideal companion of mornings and afternoons if you are wearing black shoes and a black belt. Don’t use it during the evening, or at night, though – it would be out of place.

Well, what else? The pink pocket square is from the Tie Shop Rome , of course… Ah, the iPhone… I’m skipping on that because my friend Marian Vitel has probably already acquired the 7… And that makes me a poor, desperate chap. Anybody can help with that?

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