Somewhat Hilarious Relationship Instructions For Somewhat Serious Single Women

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Are you an interesting/smart/charming woman, albeit still single? Has somebody ever told you that this is because you’re picky and you should be more open? They were wrong. It’s good to be picky, but there’s a caveat: you should learn about how and when to be picky. It’s good to keep your guard up, life is a boxing ring and romance is a fight you must win.

You have probably also been told that every man wants the same thing, but that’s wrong too. Men come in widely different varieties. For example: some men don’t ask for directions, no matter what, while some others don’t ask for direction, no matter what. Sometimes we can be stupid, I must admit it. But some other men are perfectly ok and I wish you can find one of those.

You see? Your mom was right about candies from strangers…

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