Berlusconi’s IV: a brand new government, a brand new country.

Berlusconi’s IV: a brand new government, a brand new country.

Silvio Berlusconi’s fourth government will be put in charge today, at 17:00 o’clock. It was formed quickly, despite the many obstacles represented by Lega Nord’s list of wishes and the requests made by Alleanza Nazionale. Moreover, the Ministry Council will finally see many fresh faces, as there are seven Ministers aged from 31 (!) to 47. No to mention that, of all these promising youngsters, four are females.

According to our President of the Republic (the former communist) Giorgio Napolitano, “no time was wasted at all”. In fact, apart from the surprisingly young new faces, the pace at which the “Berlusconi IV” was created, has surprised many. A good beginning  is always welcomed. In this case being quick was a key-issue although when you speed, you might end up bumping on something. This is not the case because, as the impartial Napolitano (one cannot say that he holds Berlusconi in great consideration) explained how it was possible to form the new team of ministers in such a short amount of time.

First: this is the result of “such a clear win” and “such a broad majority”, said our President of Republic. Many compliments to those who organized Pdl’s electoral campaign, then. Or, perhaps we should also praise the clumsiness with which the PD orchestrated (?) its own campaign? Maybe both things are true at the same time.

Second: This is all about the ability of “Il Cavaliere”. There were, in fact, many concerns about Lega Nord’s requests. And, as said already, even about those of Gianfranco Fini’s An Party. It seems like Berlusconi solved these problems with a concise private speech in front of his allies. It must have sounded more or less like this: “look, you name your men, I decide where to put them, there is no way around it”. Well done, Charlie Brown! This is what they call diplomacy: you grant something, you get something in return. The trick is: offering what you can do, without and obtain what you can’t do without.

Third: there have been some private meetings between Berlusconi and Napolitano right after the elections, that made things way easier. It goes without saying: who decided to schedule those meetings? Berlusconi, who else?

One could argue: “all right, Berlusconi was fast enough, but was he also good at it?”. The answer to this question will  – surprisingly enough – come once again from a former leftist, namely Franco Debenedetti: “it is a very well balanced team, with some excellent names”, said the ex-Ds (Democratici di Sinistra) Senator. According to him “Maroni, Brunetta, Frattini, Scajola, are very good personalities, if I should point out someone that makes me really happy I would say: Sacconi at the Minister of Welfare”.

So, to summarize: it was quick, surprising and well done. It almost sounds impossible. And, there is more to it: given all these brand-new-and-fresh-ministers, someone predicted a “clashes of personalities”. In other terms, they will do their best to make Silvio happy, translation: they will do their best for our country. 



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