God Bless America. And Italy.

It’s been sixty-tree years since the Americans liberated us from the shadow of nazifascism. Not only the got rid of Mussolini and Hitler, together with Great Britain (or we should say Winston Churhill, perhaps). They also prevented USSR from taking power in Italy, a country in which the Pci (the Italian Communist Party) had a enormous influence, given the succes of the Resistence movement.
Even the Italian constitution lies on the grounds of anti-fascism fighters. We owe them something priceless: it’s what they call liberty. Let’s try not to forget it. Even those who feel strongly against the Us superpower should at least admit that living under a Nazist ruler would have been devastating. 
Therefore we should all thanks America, cause the Resistence Movement – even though well organized and effective (Via Rasella, anyone?) – could not defeat Hitler alone.
The Italian President of Republic, Giorgio Napoletano, said today during the “Liberation ceremony” at the Unknown Soldier momument (the “Altar of Motherland” in Piazza Venezia) that the young people should be unite against totalitarianism:

Young people nowadays have to contrast new forms of authoritarianism and radicalism which represent the negation of the principles and values that inspired the struggle for liberation“.

Napolitano is a former comunist. But he seems to have understood what April 25, 1945 meant for this country. Other [former] communists should follow, cause the Hammer and Sickle have failed everywhere.

God Bless America. And Italy.




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Andrea Loquenzi Holzer

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